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Welcome to SUMO
Mastering Challenges ... Skills for Life !

The SUMO Guy
Paul speaks with passion
about SUMO

We are living in times of unprecedented change. Whether you're working in the private or the public sector, for a charitable group or as a self-employed individual, we are facing challenges - challenges which demand an urgent need for action. Now, more than ever, we need to make wise choices about our lives, our organisations, our future. These choices carry consequences which will affect us, our colleagues, our families. We cannot afford to rush headlong into making rash or unwise decisions which could make matters worse.

But making the right choices in life is not an ability we are magically born with. It has to be learnt like any other skill. That's why it's vitally important that you ask for help from the professionals - those with the experience, the tools, the training. And that's where SUMO comes in.

Dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale and motivation, dealing with stress, inspiring confidence, releasing potential, building character, creating possibilities… these and many other positive results are at the heart of SUMO - Mastering Challenges… Skills for Life!

SUMO is the culmination of 20 years of work by Paul McGee. Paul is passionate about SUMO, not least because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback he receives from people who say SUMO has made a real, positive and even life-changing difference to them.

So how can SUMO make a difference to your life, your organisation and your future?

Paul McGee delivers:

Keynote Presentations

If you want to learn about SUMO firsthand from Paul, he is available for Keynote Presentations. Paul is an internationally recognised speaker and best-selling author whose presentations are relevant, thought provoking and packed with unique insights. His aim in these presentations is to engage, entertain, and above all equip people with both ideas and the inspiration to make a difference.

SUMO Seminar and Workshops

Paul also provides SUMO Seminar and Workshops that explore the SUMO principles in a far greater depth than can be achieved in a keynote presentation. The material is tailored to your requirements and can focus on addressing issues of effective leadership, positive change, building relationships and many other areas where SUMO can make a difference to you and your business.

SUMO Public Speaking and Presentation Masterclass

If you want to learn how to engage, persuade, and impact any audience, the SUMO Public Speaking and Presentation Masterclass is for you. This highly interactive two-day workshop will teach you how to apply the SUMO principles to create and deliver memorable presentations, increase your confidence, manage anxiety, present the right image and effectively engage with the audience.

SUMO Academy

If you're looking to build the SUMO principles into your working practices as a SUMO trainer or coach then consider the SUMO Academy. This intense, interactive workshop offers a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of SUMO and equips participants with the knowledge and tools to subsequently apply SUMO across all levels of their organisation.

SUMO Resources

Finally there is a wealth of SUMO Resources available on this site - from video clips of Paul in action to free downloads outlining the SUMO principles.

Read more about Paul McGee and the story of SUMO PDF

If you're ready to meet the challenges of the future, get in touch to explore how SUMO can help you.

SUMO - Mastering Challenges … Skills for Life !

SUMO success! What people say…

Thank you for the amazing impact you had at our [recent Staff] Conference. The key for me is that weeks after you have gone people still talk about your messages and are using your ideas in the workplace. Your presentation really hit home and I appreciate the way you tailored it to our own specific situation. Thank you.

Laine Ferguson,
Retail Director, The Body Shop

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