How Not To Worry

Are You A Worrier?

Do you seem to worry more than most? Do you find that insignificant things stress you out? Do you sweat the small stuff and the big stuff too?

Well, you’re not the only one. We may be the healthiest and wealthiest generation that has ever lived, but we’re also the biggest worriers. It’s time to stop worrying and start living.

Worry, stress, anxiety – whichever label you prefer to use – can have consequences that impact not only our lives, but the lives of others around us. When we worry it’s like the engine of our mind is constantly being revved up. It doesn’t allow us time to switch off and rest. It tires you out. And when you’re tired you’re less likely to think straight. And when you’re not thinking straight it’s easy to make stupid mistakes and confuse priorities…

But relax.
There is a way forward.

There is a way to tackle life’s challenges in a calmer and more considered way. It is possible to use a certain degree of worry and anxiety to spur us on towards positive, constructive action, and then leave the rest behind. Then you can enjoy, not simply endure the ride. And it only takes a small change in the way you approach stress to make this possible.

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What Others Say...

``This book could go a long way to help alleviate some of the unnecessary worries that people become trapped by.``

Kevin Morley - Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire & former Managing Director - Rover Car Group